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A Painting lesson is a great way to interact with the community and raise funds for an organization or school! ​

Steps to achieve a Painting Fundraiser:
Give your fundraiser adequate time for registration. I recommended 6 weeks prior to the date of the fundraiser. 
The pricing per person is $20.00 for 20 people . If you exceed 20 people the following additions will be $15.00 (per person).  It's recommended to price your fundraiser fee in the range of $30.00+  to best benefit your organization. 
Fundraisers are handled by 
Willomina Mobile Studio. I supply all your painting supplies and instruct a painting class. Depending on the age of particapents, the time of a fundraiser varies. The location of a Fundraiser can be held anywhere!
Registration can be handled by Willomina Art Studios online registrations or by  your organization. 

If you would like to schedule a Fundraiser fill out the form below. 


Fundraiser Form
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