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Collage Night!
Adult Painting + Collage Class

Saturday, March 25 

 $30.00 per person 

In this Night of Collage we will be using scrapbooking paper, book pages, newspaper clippings and so much more! Everything is included! We will add a splash of color after we collage! 

This unique vintage looking artwork is a great way to create artwork and spend your Saturday evening! Bring a friend and some scrap paper if you have some and let's get collaging!  


Collage + Paint Night!
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Canvas paintings & artwork make great...


Created by YOU!


-Surpirse a friend or loved one by signing them up for a painting class!
 -Take a class and gift your painting!
 -Need some fun, realixing me time? Sign yourself up, your deserve it!

​-Nothing beats the feeling of painting a picture!
-Studies have found that your endorphins kick in when you paint! Do yourself a favor and sign up.
-Fill your artistic tool box up with painting tips and tricks! 
-Grow your knowlege on painting techniques.