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Willomina Art Studio is where I teach small, unique painting classes in my home studio and  have expanded to include Willomina Mobile Studio! 
My studio is a place where you become immersed and explore an artisitc  experience! From painting techniques to fine tuning, these art classes cover a wide range of different materials.
What is offere
  • Private one-on-one classes 
  • Group classes
  • Birthday party
  • Family reunion 
  • House party
  • Fundraiser
Why Create?

Self confidence
Gives you a positive mindset
Critical thinking skills
Improves concentration

Willow grew up in Rochester, MN. She was a homeschool student her entire academic career until attending the UW-Whitewater.

Willow received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from UW-Whitewater in the fall of 2015. Her works range from large abstract sculptures to plant studies.
"I have been a creative soul all my life and really enjoy art and teaching painting! Willomina Studio is a place where you can learn, create, and fine tune your artistic endeavors! I started Willomina Art Studio because I wanted to create an experience that is similar to an artist's practice."

Artist website:

Thank you for checking out Willomina Art Studio! If you have any questions/comments/or painting ideas please feel free to email me in the
'Contact' section! 

Have an Artful Day! 

  1. Tour of the Studio!
    Tour of the Studio!